Humidifiers Take the Dryness Out of Your Home

When our furnaces run during the winters in Council Bluffs, the air in your home turns really dry. Homeowners experience this by feeling static electricity, itchy skin, and even may start to see cracks in their woodwork. One way to combat this is by installing a whole house humidifier in your home.

Aprilaire humidifier photoA whole house humidifier attaches to your furnace and adds moist air to your system. That moist air can make your home more comfortable in winter by reducing the dry air that causes all those problems. Moist air also feels warmer, as we well know in our hot summers in this area. In the winter, you can use that moist air to your advantage because in some cases you can set your thermostat down a degree or two when your humidifier is running. Consequently, this can save you money on your utility bills.

R.J. Nelson can install a whole house humidifier in your Council Bluffs area home. Give us a call, and one of our experts will make sure you install the proper size. If you already have a humidifier, it’s also important to replace the humidifier pad each year, and we can take care of that as well!